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Re: Commentary on “A modified fixation technique for the cure of buried penis in children”
Xu Cui, Bing-Jing Gao, Liu Chen, Wen-Hua Huang, Chao-Ming Zhou
Commentary on “An alternative surgical technique for varicoceles: a preliminary experience of the microsurgical spermatic (distal end)-inferior or superficial epigastric vein anastomosis in symptomatic varicoceles associated with perineal pain”
Peter N Schlegel
Commentary on: “Novel strategy using a spiral embedded flap for meatal stenosis after post-penile cancer amputation surgery: a single-center experience”
Matthew KH Hong, Georgina M Williams
Commentary on “A modified fixation technique for the cure of buried penis in children”
Sofia Gereta, Adan N Tijerina, Safiya-Hana Belbina, E Charles Osterberg
Testicular torsion in adults: which news?
Nicola Zampieri, Vittoria Boscaini
Commentary on “Penile augmentation with injectable hyaluronic acid gel: an alternative choice for small penis syndrome”
Monica Xing, Omer A Raheem
DOI:10.4103/aja202214  PMID:35435335
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ARASENS: making sense out of first-line metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer treatment
Jeanny B Aragon-Ching
Chemically induced DNA damage and sperm and oocyte repair machinery: the story gets more interesting
Melissa Perry
DOI:10.4103/1008-682X.156118  PMID:25994653
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Generation of male germ cells in vitro from the stem cells
Ying-Hong Cui, Wei Chen, Si Wu, Cai-Lin Wan, Zuping He
DOI:10.4103/aja20226  PMID:35435336
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Seminal HPV detection: a pilot study comparing the preservation effectiveness and cost between a methanol-based solution and cryopreservation with liquid nitrogen
Jynfiaf Francis, Cecilia Kärrberg, Jonas Hermansson, Magnus Lindh, Sofia Ganidou, Ann Thurin-Kjellberg, Kersti Lundin, Randa Akouri, Panagiotis Tsiartas
Re: Commentary on “Spongiosum-combined glanuloplasty reduces glans complications after proximal hypospadias repair”
Yi-Qing Lyu, Fang Chen
DOI:10.4103/aja20228  PMID:35381694
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Commentary on “Spongiosum-combined glanuloplasty reduces glans complications after proximal hypospadias repair”
Sachit Anand, Hüseyin Özbey
DOI:10.4103/aja20222  PMID:35295002
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A case of obstructive azoospermia secondary to genitourinary tract infection caused by a prostatic utricle cyst
Tomoki Saito, Mitsuru Komeya, Kimitsugu Usui, Shinnosuke Kuroda, Teppei Takeshima, Kunitomo Takashima, Mario Ikeda, Yoshihito Kondo, Yasushi Yumura
DOI:10.4103/aja2021112  PMID:35042312
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
A novel missense mutation of NR5A1 c.46T>C (p.C16R) in a Chinese infant with ambiguous genitalia
Dan Zhang, Ying Xin, Ming-Yu Li, Ling-Zhe Meng, Ya-Jie Tong
DOI:10.4103/aja202185  PMID:34975071
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Successful microsurgical vasoepididymostomy for a case of cryptozoospermia
Ru-Hui Tian, Yu-Hua Huang, Hui-Xing Chen, Peng Li, Er-Lei Zhi, Chen-Cheng Yao, Chao Yang, Zheng Li
DOI:10.4103/aja202178  PMID:34916476
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In memoriam Roger V Short (31.7.1930–6.8.2021)
Trevor G Cooper, David J Handelsman
DOI:10.4103/aja2021120  PMID:35042313
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
The effect of BMI and age on the outcomes of microsurgical vasoepididymostomy: a retrospective analysis of 181 patients operated by a single surgeon
Shou-Yang Wang, Yang-Yi Fang, Hai-Tao Zhang, Yu Tian, Vera Yeung Chung, Yin-Chu Cheng, Kai Hong, Hui Jiang
Effect of advanced paternal age on reproductive outcomes in IVF cycles of non-male-factor infertility: a retrospective cohort study
Xin-Mei Lu, Yu-Bing Liu, Dou-Dou Zhang, Xiang Cao, Tian-Cheng Zhang, Miao Liu, Hui-Juan Shi, Xi Dong, Su-Ying Liu
Multiparametric ultrasound for the assessment of testicular lesions with negative tumoral markers
Hui Liu, Lin Dong, Li-Hua Xiang, Guang Xu, Jing Wan, Yan Fang, Shi-Si Ding, Ye Jin, Li-Ping Sun, Hui-Xiong Xu
The association between heavy metal exposure and erectile dysfunction in the United States
Wei Wang, Li-Yuan Xiang, Yu-Cheng Ma, Jia-Wei Chen, Liao Peng, Xiao-Shuai Gao, Fu-Xun Zhang, Yang Xiong, Feng Qin, Jiu-Hong Yuan
An alternative surgical technique for varicoceles: a preliminary experience of the microsurgical spermatic (distal end)-inferior or superficial epigastric vein anastomosis in symptomatic varicoceles associated with perineal pain
Zi Wan, Hai-Ming Cao, Bi-Cheng Yang, Yong Gao, Li Ding, Peng Luo, Guang-Wen Yang, Lin Ma, Chun-Hua Deng
Loss-of-function CFTR p.G970D missense mutation might cause congenital bilateral absence of the vas deferens and be associated with impaired spermatogenesis
Jian-Wen Hou, Xiao-Liang Li, Li Wang, Cong-Ling Dai, Na Li, Xiao-Hui Jiang, Yue-Qiu Tan, Er-Po Tian, Qin-Tong Li, Wen-Ming Xu
Transsphenoidal surgery for prolactinomas in male patients: a retrospective study
Wei-Jie Su, Hong-Cai Cai, Guo-Chen Yang, Ke-Jun He, Hong-Lin Wu, Yi-Bing Yang, Hong-Xing Tang, Li-Xuan Yang, Chun-Hua Deng
An examination of predictive markers for successful sperm extraction procedures: a linear model and systematic review
Nicholas Major, K Russ Edwards, Kit Simpson, Marc Rogers
Analysis of trends in testicular atrophy index values with age in patients with unilateral palpable cryptorchidism
Pei-Qiang Li, Yan Huang, Fu-Yun Liu
Free PSA performs better than total PSA in predicting prostate volume in Chinese men with PSA levels of 2.5–9.9 ng ml−1
Ma-Ping Huang, Ping Tang, Cliff S Klein, Xing-Hua Wei, Wei Du, Jin-Gao Fu, Tian-Hai Huang, Hui Chen, Ke-Ji Xie
Epididymis cell atlas in a patient with a sex development disorder and a novel NR5A1 gene mutation
Jian-Wu Shi, Yi-Wen Zhou, Yu-Fei Chen, Mei Ye, Feng Qiao, Jia-Wei Tian, Meng-Ya Zhang, Hao-Cheng Lin, Gang-Cai Xie, Kin Lam Fok, Hui Jiang, Yang Liu, Hao Chen
A modified fixation technique for the treatment of buried penis in children
Xu Cui, Bing-Jing Gao, Liu Chen, Wen-Hua Huang, Chao-Ming Zhou
Radiomics based on biparametric MRI for the detection of significant residual prostate cancer after androgen deprivation therapy: using whole-mount histopathology as reference standard
Zhang-Zhe Chen, Wei-Jie Gu, Bing-Ni Zhou, Wei Liu, Hua-Lei Gan, Yong Zhang, Liang-Ping Zhou, Xiao-Hang Liu
Better timing for HoLEP: a retrospective analysis of patients treated with HoLEP over a 10-year period with a 1-year follow-up
Yu-Cheng Tao, Zi-Wei Wei, Chong Liu, Meng Gu, Qi Chen, Yan-Bo Chen, Zhong Wang
Evaluation of inactivated COVID-19 vaccine on semen parameters in reproductive-age males: a retrospective cohort study
Hong Zhu, Xiao Wang, Feng Zhang, Yong Zhu, Mei-Rong Du, Zhi-Wen Tao, Can Sun, Hai-Tao Ma, Ya-Dong Li, Guo-Qing Liang, Jie Ren, Bai-Lan Feng, Feng Jiang
The role of prostate-specific antigen density and negative multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging in excluding prostate cancer for biopsy-naïve men: clinical outcomes from a high-volume center in China
Chi-Chen Zhang, Xiang Tu, Tian-Hai Lin, Di-Ming Cai, Ling Yang, Ling Nie, Shi Qiu, Zhen-Hua Liu, Kun Jin, Jia-Kun Li, Xing-Yu Xiong, Lu Yang, Qiang Wei
Age-related changes for the predictors of benign prostatic hyperplasia in Chinese men aged 40 years or older
Wei-Hao Shao, Cai-Fang Zheng, Yong-Chao Ge, Xiao-Rui Chen, Bo-Wen Zhang, Gai-Li Wang, Wei-Dong Zhang
Can we omit systematic biopsies in patients undergoing MRI fusion-targeted prostate biopsies?
Jeffrey J Leow, Soon Hock Koh, Marcus WL Chow, Wayren Loke, Rolando Salada, Seok Kwan Hong, Yuyi Yeow, Chau Hung Lee, Cher Heng Tan, Teck Wei Tan
The application of intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring in selective dorsal neurotomy for primary premature ejaculation: a prospective single-center study
Qing-Lai Tang, Tao Song, You-Feng Han, Bai-Bing Yang, Jian-Huai Chen, Zhi-Peng Xu, Chun-Lu Xu, Yang Xu, Wen Yu, Wei Qiu, Jiong Shi, En-Si Zhang, Yu-Tian Dai
New model of PIRADS and adjusted prostatespecific antigen density of peripheral zone improves the detection rate of initial prostate biopsy: a diagnostic study
Chen Huang, Zong-Qiang Cai, Feng Qiu, Jin-Xian Pu, Qi-Lin Xi, Xue-Dong Wei, Xi-Ming Wang, Xiao-Jun Zhao, Lin-Chuan Guo, Jian-Quan Hou, Yu-Hua Huang
Associations of sex hormone levels with body mass index (BMI) in men: a cross-sectional study using quantile regression analysis
Xin Lv, Yu-Ting Jiang, Xin-Yue Zhang, Lei-Lei Li, Hong-Guo Zhang, Rui-Zhi Liu
Novel strategy using a spiral embedded flap for meatal stenosis after post-penile cancer amputation surgery: a single-center experience
Ying Wang, Meng Liu, Lu-Jie Song, Ran-Xing Yang, Kai-Le Zhang, San-Bao Jin, Qiang Fu
DOI:10.4103/aja20227  PMID:35435337
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Penile augmentation with injectable hyaluronic acid gel: an alternative choice for small penis syndrome
Chun-Long Zhang, Yuan Quan, He Li, Qing Li, Wen-Jun Bai, Tao Xu, Xiao-Wei Zhang
DOI:10.4103/aja20223  PMID:35417989
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
DEFB126 polymorphisms and association with idiopathic asthenozoospermia in China
Jiao-Yu He, Jian-Ying Peng, Qiu-Fu Li, Xiao-Li Lin, Yan-Ru Cui, Shi-Yu Ma, Shi-Yun Fan, Yi-Ran Liu, Zhi-Lin Song, Jun-Hang Deng, Xia Wei, Xian-Ping Ding
DOI:10.4103/aja2021115  PMID:35381696
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
A comprehensive evaluation of sexual and reproductive outcomes following robot-assisted retroperitoneal lymph node dissection for nonseminomatous germ cell tumor
Francesco A Mistretta, Ottavio de Cobelli, Paolo Verze, Francesco Botticelli, Letizia Jannello, Stefano Luzzago, Gabriele Cozzi, Roberto Bianchi, Ettore Di Trapani, Matteo Ferro, Giovanni Cordima, Danilo Bottero, Deliu Victor Matei, Vincenzo Mirone, Gennaro Musi
DOI:10.4103/aja2021132  PMID:35381697
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Association of handgrip strength with semen characteristics: a study with repeated measurements among healthy Chinese men
Bin Sun, Heng-Gui Chen, Peng Duan, Zhou-Zheng Tu, Ying-Jun Chen, Tian-Qing Meng, Cheng-Liang Xiong, Yi-Xin Wang, An Pan
DOI:10.4103/aja20221  PMID:35381698
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Clinical features and microsurgical reconstruction of congenital unilateral absence of the vas deferens with obstructive azoospermia: a tertiary care center experience
Yi-Hong Zhou, Jian-Jun Dong, Er-Lei Zhi, Chen-Cheng Yao, Yu-Hua Huang, Ru-Hui Tian, Hui-Xing Chen, Ying-Bo Dai, Yu-Xin Tang, Na-Chuan Liu, Hui-Rong Chen, Fu-Jun Zhao, Zheng Li, Peng Li
DOI:10.4103/aja20225  PMID:35381699
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Reference penile size measurement and correlation with other anthropometric dimensions: a prospective study in 800 men
Martina Solé, Ignacio Tobia González, Martín Compagnucci, Guadalupe Colucci, Marcos Dalvit, Bernardo Chiconi, Omar A Layús, Guillermo Gueglio, Gastón Rey-Valzacchi
DOI:10.4103/aja2021121  PMID:35381693
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Quantitative assessment of the aging corpus cavernosum by shear wave elastography
Hao Cheng, Guo-Xiong Liu, Fei Wang, Ke Wang, Li-Tao Ruan, Lin Yang
DOI:10.4103/aja2021119  PMID:35381690
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Antibiotic usage in surgical sperm retrievals among IVF centers
Le Dang Khoa, Ngo Dinh Trieu Vy, Nguyen Minh Tai Loc, Le Duc Thang, Dang Tuan Anh, Nguyen Phuc Hieu, Giang Huynh Nhu, Nguyen Dinh Tao, Le Hoang, David J Handelsman
Torsion of the spermatic cord in adults: a multicenter experience in adults with surgical exploration for acute scrotal pain with suspected testicular torsion
Van Thi Dang, Benjamin Pradere, Anne Mauger de Varennes, Nadia Ali Benali, Maxime Vallée, William Berchiche, Bastien Gondran-Tellier, Gaelle Margue, Clément Michiels, Charles Gaillard, Tristan Grevez, Florian Bardet, Maud Hulin, Anthony Manuguerra, Ugo Pinar, Caroline Plassais, Margeux Felber, William Wandoren, Kévin Kaulanjan, Ines Dominique, Marc Sbizerra, Emilien Seizilles de Mazancourt, Xavier Matillon, Igor Duquesne, Maxime Chabenes, Victor Gaillard, Lucas Freton, Francois Lannes, Zine-Eddine Khene
DOI:10.4103/aja2021126  PMID:35322657
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
LncRNA GAS5 enhances tumor stem cell-like medicated sensitivity of paclitaxel and inhibits epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition by targeting the miR-18a-5p/STK4 pathway in prostate cancer
Ting-Ting Lu, Xia Tao, Hua-Lei Li, Ling Gai, Hua Huang, Feng Li
DOI:10.4103/aja2021117  PMID:35295003
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Long-term follow-up results of testicular torsion in children
Cheng-Jun Yu, Jie Zhao, Jin Luo, Yi-Fan Hong, Tian-Xin Zhao, Sheng Wen, Li Jiang, Tao Lin, Da-Wei He, Guang-Hui Wei, Sheng-De Wu
DOI:10.4103/aja2021127  PMID:35259784
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Testicular sperm extraction (TESE) outcomes in the context of malignant disease: a systematic review
Ludmilla Ogouma, Isabelle Berthaut, Rachel Lévy, Rahaf Haj Hamid, Marie Prades, Marie Audouin, Nathalie Sermondade, Charlotte Dupont
DOI:10.4103/aja2021129  PMID:35259785
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Postphalloplasty urinary function test: an observational study of novel outcome instrument to capture urinary dysfunction and quality of life after phalloplasty
James L Liu, Lauren Eisenbeis, Stephanie Preston, Arthur L Burnett, Heather N DiCarlo, Devin Coon
Identification and characterization of circular RNAs in the testicular tissue of patients with non-obstructive azoospermia
Zhe Zhang, Han Wu, Lin Zheng, Hai-Tao Zhang, Yu-Zhuo Yang, Jia-Ming Mao, De-Feng Liu, Lian-Ming Zhao, Hui Liang, Hui Jiang
Modulation of SIRT1 expression improves erectile function in aged rats
Wen Yu, Jing Wang, Yu-Tian Dai, Bin Wang, Yang Xu, Qing-Qiang Gao, Zhi-Peng Xu
A correlative study of iron metabolism based on q-Dixon MRI in benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer
Zhen Tian, Yong-Gang Li, Guang-Zheng Li, Zhi-Hao Huang, Wen-Hao Dai, Xue-Dong Wei, Wei-Jie Zhang, Zhen-Yu Fu, Yu-Hua Huang
DOI:10.4103/aja2021116  PMID:35170452
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Clinicopathological factors associated with pathological upgrading from biopsy to prostatectomy in patients with ISUP grade group ≤2 prostate cancer
Xing Li, Zhi-Xian Wang, Yun-Peng Zhu, Jing Wang, Yi-Sheng Yin, Xiao-Yong Zeng
DOI:10.4103/aja2021108  PMID:35170453
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Mannose inhibits the growth of prostate cancer through a mitochondrial mechanism
Yu-Lin Deng, Ren Liu, Zhou-Da Cai, Zhao-Dong Han, Yuan-Fa Feng, Shang-Hua Cai, Qing-Biao Chen, Jian-Guo Zhu, Wei-De Zhong
DOI:10.4103/aja2021104  PMID:35142655
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
The comparison of survival between active surveillance or watchful waiting and focal laser ablation in patients with low-risk prostate cancer
Jia-Kun Li, Chi-Chen Zhang, Shi Qiu, Kun Jin, Bo-Yu Cai, Qi-Ming Yuan, Xing-Yu Xiong, Lian-Sha Tang, Di Jin, Xiang-Hong Zhou, Yi-Ge Bao, Lu Yang, Qiang Wei
DOI:10.4103/aja2021113  PMID:35102899
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Novel mutation in ODF2 causes multiple morphological abnormalities of the sperm flagella in an infertile male
Zi-Jue Zhu, Yi-Zhou Wang, Xiao-Bo Wang, Chen-Cheng Yao, Liang-Yu Zhao, Zhen-Bo Zhang, Yu Wu, Wei Chen, Zheng Li
DOI:10.4103/aja202183  PMID:35102900
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Clinical benefits of a modified Cryopiece system for cryopreservation of rare ejaculated and testicular spermatozoa for ICSI
Wei Chen, Chuan Huang, Peng Li, Feng Liu, Jian Sun, Zi-Jue Zhu, Jing Zhai, Yuan Xu, Yan Hong, Jian-Lin Hu, Yun-Peng Peng, Zhen-Bo Zhang, Yu Wu, Zheng Li
DOI:10.4103/aja2021101  PMID:35074939
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
The association between mutations in ubiquitin-specific protease 26 (USP26) and male infertility: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Qin-Yu Li, Yu-Cong Zhang, Chao Wei, Zhuo Liu, Guo-Da Song, Bing-Liang Chen, Man Liu, Ji-Hong Liu, Li-Cheng Wu, Xia-Ming Liu
DOI:10.4103/aja2021109  PMID:35074940
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Predictive factors for successful sperm retrieval by microdissection testicular sperm extraction in men with nonobstructive azoospermia and a history of cryptorchidism
Xing-Lin Chen, Yu-Ang Wei, Xiao-Han Ren, Xu Zhang, Guang-Yao Li, Zhong-Wen Lu, Dong Zhang, Chao Qin, Shi-Feng Su
DOI:10.4103/aja2021102  PMID:35042308
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Is Li-ESWT effective in diabetic patients with severe erectile dysfunction?
Müslüm Ergün, Osman Akyüz
DOI:10.4103/aja2021105  PMID:35042309
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Immunohistochemical analysis of PD-L1 and tumor-infiltrating immune cells expression in the tumor microenvironment of primary signet ring cell carcinoma of the prostate
Qi-Liang Teng, Xin-Rui Yang, Shuang Wen, Zhi-Hong Dai, Hong-Long Wang, Tian-Qing Liu, Liang Wang, Bo Fan, Zhi-Yu Liu
DOI:10.4103/aja202186  PMID:35042311
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Levels of L-carnitine in human seminal plasma are associated with sperm fatty acid composition
Mario Iliceto, Mette Haug Stensen, Jorunn M Andersen, Trine B Haugen, Oliwia Witczak
DOI:10.4103/aja2021107  PMID:35017387
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
MACS-annexin V cell sorting of semen samples with high TUNEL values decreases the concentration of cells with abnormal chromosomal content: a pilot study
Sahar El Fekih, Nadia Gueganic, Corinne Tous, Habib Ben Ali, Mounir Ajina, Nathalie Douet-Guilbert, Hortense Drapier, Damien Beauvillard, Frédéric Morel, Aurore Perrin
DOI:10.4103/aja202197  PMID:34975072
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Combined treatment with dihydrotestosterone and lipopolysaccharide modulates prostate homeostasis by upregulating TNF-α from M1 macrophages and promotes proliferation of prostate stromal cells
Yu Tong, Yi-Jun Guo, Qin Zhang, Hai-Xia Bi, Kai Kai, Ren-Yuan Zhou
DOI:10.4103/aja2021114  PMID:34975070
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
A prospective randomized controlled study on scheduled PDE5i and vacuum erectile devices in the treatment of erectile dysfunction after nerve sparing prostatectomy
Ming Zhang, Ji-Zhong Che, Yi-Dong Liu, Hong-Xiang Wang, Yan-Ping Huang, Xiang-Guo Lv, Wei Liu, Mu-Jun Lu
DOI:10.4103/aja202189  PMID:34975069
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Diagnosis, treatment, outcome, and reasons for delayed treatment of cryptorchidism with torsion in children: a 16-year retrospective study in a large pediatric medical center
Meng Yang, Sheng Wen, Tao Lin, Xing Liu, De-Ying Zhang, Feng Liu, Sheng-De Wu, Guang-Hui Wei, Pei-Ru He, Yi Hua
DOI:10.4103/aja202184  PMID:34916477
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Proteomic analysis and miRNA profiling of human testicular endothelial cell-derived exosomes: the potential effects on spermatogenesis
Wen-Peng Song, Sheng-Ji Gu, Xiao-Hui Tan, Yang-Yang Gu, Wei-Dong Song, Jian-Yu Zeng, Zhong-Cheng Xin, Rui-Li Guan
DOI:10.4103/aja202190  PMID:34916478
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Semen microbiota in normal and leukocytospermic males
Ye Yao, Xin-Jian Qiu, Dong-Sheng Wang, Jie-Kun Luo, Tao Tang, Yun-Hui Li, Chun-Hu Zhang, Hao Liu, Lu Zhou, Lin-Lin Zhao
DOI:10.4103/aja202172  PMID:34916474
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Antigen unmasking does not improve the visualization of phospholipase C zeta in human spermatozoa
Xin Meng, Celine Jones, Pedro Melo, Caroline Ross, Ginny Mounce, Tim Child, Kevin Coward
DOI:10.4103/aja202168  PMID:34893574
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Body composition changes following chemotherapy for testicular germ cell tumor: obesity is the long-term problem
Yuki Takai, Sei Naito, Hidenori Kanno, Atsushi Yamagishi, Mayu Yagi, Toshihiko Sakurai, Hayato Nishida, Takuya Yamanobe, Tomoyuki Kato, Norihiko Tsuchiya
DOI:10.4103/aja202195  PMID:34893575
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Sperm hyaluronidase is critical to mammals' fertilization for its ability to disperse cumulus–oocyte complex layer
Dong-Won Seol, Sang Hoon Joo, Young-Hyun Kim, Bong-Seok Song, Bo-Woong Sim, Sun-Uk Kim, Soojin Park, Gabbine Wee, Ekyune Kim
DOI:10.4103/aja202176  PMID:34850748
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Semen microbiota and cytokines of healthy and infertile men
Oleg V Bukharin, Natalya B Perunova, Elena V Ivanova, Irina N Chaynikova, Anastasia V Bekpergenova, Taisiya A Bondarenko, Michael D Kuzmin
DOI:10.4103/aja202169  PMID:34806653
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Metabolic enzyme gene polymorphisms predict the effects of antioxidant treatment on idiopathic male infertility
Hong-Yan Zhang, Yi Mu, Pan Chen, Dong-Dong Liu, Ke-Hang Chen, Qi Yu, Jun He, Fa Sun, Jun-Ping Xing, Kai-Fa Tang
DOI:10.4103/aja202180  PMID:34806654
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Prostate Health Index (phi) and its derivatives predict Gleason score upgrading after radical prostatectomy among patients with low-risk prostate cancer
Jia-Qi Yan, Da Huang, Jing-Yi Huang, Xiao-Hao Ruan, Xiao-Ling Lin, Zu-Jun Fang, Yi Gao, Hao-Wen Jiang, Yi-Shuo Wu, Rong Na, Dan-Feng Xu
DOI:10.4103/aja202174  PMID:34782549
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Sperm flagellar 2 (SPEF2) is essential for sperm flagellar assembly in humans
Dong-Yan Li, Xiao-Xuan Yang, Chao-Feng Tu, Wei-Li Wang, Lan-Lan Meng, Guang-Xiu Lu, Yue-Qiu Tan, Qian-Jun Zhang, Juan Du
DOI:10.4103/aja202154  PMID:34755699
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
CFTR mutations causing congenital unilateral absence of the vas deferens (CUAVD) and congenital absence of the uterus (CAU) in a consanguineous family
Mahdieh Daliri Ghouchanatigh, Ranjha Khan, Majid Mojarrad, Uzma Hameed, Muhammad Zubair, Ahmed Waqas, Mohsen Jalali, Mahmoudreza Kalantari, Ali Shamsa, Huan Zhang, Qing-Hua Shi
DOI:10.4103/aja202177  PMID:34755701
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Erectile dysfunction in nonmuscle-invasive bladder cancer patients before and after transurethral resection (TUR) of bladder tumor in China
Peng Guo, Yu Wang, Yun-Feng Xie, Tian-Bing Lv
DOI:10.4103/aja202166  PMID:34747726
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
The performance of 18F-PSMA PET/CT in the detection of prostate cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Zhi-Qiang Qin, Gao-Jian Pan, Zheng Xu, Hao Wang, Lu-Wei Xu, Rui-Peng Jia
DOI:10.4103/aja202162  PMID:34747721
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Sexual, physical, and overall adverse effects in patients treated with 5α-reductase inhibitors: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Jun-Jie Zhang, Xiao Shi, Ting Wu, Meng-Da Zhang, Jin Tang, Guang-Ming Yin, Zhi Long, Le-Ye He, Lin Qi, Long Wang
DOI:10.4103/aja202171  PMID:34747724
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Magnetic-activated cell sorting of nonapoptotic spermatozoa with a high DNA fragmentation index improves the live birth rate and decreases transfer cycles of IVF/ICSI
Jie Mei, Lin-Jun Chen, Xin-Xin Zhu, Wen Yu, Qing-Qiang Gao, Hai-Xiang Sun, Li-Jun Ding, Jun-Xia Wang
DOI:10.4103/aja202161  PMID:34708718
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Coexpression of TLR9 and VEGF-C is associated with lymphatic metastasis in prostate cancer
Xian-Zi Zeng, Zhan-Sen Huang, Hong-Peng Fang, Jie-Ying Wu, Qun-Xiong Huang, Chu-Bin Zhuang, Jing Zhou, Jin-Ming Di
DOI:10.4103/aja202167  PMID:34643549
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Retraction note: Effect of probucol on autophagy and apoptosis in the penile tissue of streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
Ke-Qin Zhang, Tao Tian, Liang-Liang Hu, Hao-Ran Wang, Qiang Fu
DOI:10.4103/aja202187  PMID:34747728
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
A classification of genes involved in normal and delayed male puberty
Maleeha Akram, Syed Shakeel Raza Rizvi, Mazhar Qayyum, David J Handelsman
Update on techniques for cryopreservation of human spermatozoa
Chuan Huang, Yu-Lin Tang, Jian-Ling Hu, Wen-Jun Zhou, Zeng-Hui Huang, Xue-Feng Luo, Zheng Li, Wen-Bing Zhu
DOI:10.4103/aja20229  PMID:35381695
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Predictors of microsurgical varicocelectomy efficacy in male infertility treatment: critical assessment and systematization
Azizbek B Shomarufov, Vladimir A Bozhedomov, Nikolay I Sorokin, Igor P Matyukhov, Abdukodir A Fozilov, Shukhrat A Abbosov, Armais A Kamalov
DOI:10.4103/aja2021125  PMID:35381691
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Microdeletions and vertical transmission of the Y-chromosome azoospermia factor region
Chen-Yao Deng, Zhe Zhang, Wen-Hao Tang, Hui Jiang
DOI:10.4103/aja2021130  PMID:35259786
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
The influence of Mycoplasma species on human and canine semen quality: a review
Kinga Domrazek, Ilona Kaszak, Szymon Kanafa, Mariusz Sacharczuk, Piotr Jurka
DOI:10.4103/aja2021124  PMID:35259783
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]
Generation of Leydig-like cells: approaches, characterization, and challenges
Zhao-Hui Li, Jun-Dong Lu, Shi-Jun Li, Hao-Lin Chen, Zhi-Jian Su
DOI:10.4103/aja202193  PMID:35017389
[ABSTRACT]  [FULL TEXT]  [PDF]    [PubMed]