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call for papersAsian Journal of Andrology warmly welcome the contributions from you about new basic and clinical (including modern, traditional and epidemiological) research on male health.

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Asian Journal of Andrology (AJA) is an international peer-reviewed open access journal. AJA spans the breadth of menís health and related interdisciplinary fields. Areas that are covered include, but are not limited to: Sperm Biology; Male Reproduction; Male Infertility; Semen Analysis & Sperm Functional Assays; Sperm Selection & Quality and ART Outcomes; Male Sexual Dysfunction; Male Puberty Development; Male Ageing; Prostate Diseases; Operational Andrology; HIV & Male Reproductive Tract Infection; Male Contraception; Environmental, Life Style, Genetic Factors and Male Health.

Invited Editorial
Basic concepts and recent advancements in the study of male fertility
Many controversial topics regarding Andrology in general, and male infertility more specifically have been discussed and debated for decades. Numerous manuscripts and entire journals have been dedicat...
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Invited Review
An overview of the management of post-vasectomy pain syndrome
Post-vasectomy pain syndrome remains one of the more challenging urological problems to manage. This can be a frustrating process for both the patient and clinician as there is no well-recognized diag...
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Invited Commentary
Vasectomy reversal and other strategies to mitigate postvasectomy pain syndrome
The 2012 American Urological Association (AUA) vasectomy guidelines advise that of those men who undergo vasectomy, 1%-2% will develop chronic scrotal pain that negatively impacts their quality of lif...
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Invited Review
Insurance coverage for male infertility care in the United States
Infertility is a common condition experienced by many men and women, and treatments are expensive. The World Health Organization and American Society of Reproductive Medicine define infertility as a d...
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Invited Commentary
Advancement of male health is dependent upon updates to insurance coverage for infertility in the United States
The insurance environment in the United States has traditionally ignored fertility as a barometer of men's health. However, there is now growing evidence that male infertility is associated with multi...
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 Ahead of Print articles
Risk-prediction tools in prostate cancer: the challenge of tailoring
Alessandro Morlacco, Jiahua Pan, R Jeffrey Karnes
Race-specific genetic risk score is more accurate than nonrace-specific genetic risk score for predicting prostate cancer and high-grade diseases
Rong Na, Dingwei Ye, Jun Qi, Fang Liu, Xiaoling Lin, Brian T Helfand, Charles B Brendler, Carly Conran, Jian Gong, Yishuo Wu, Xu Gao, Yaqing Chen, S Lilly Zheng, Zengnan Mo, Qiang Ding, Yinghao Sun, Jianfeng Xu
Population-standardized genetic risk score: the SNP-based method of choice for inherited risk assessment of prostate cancer
Carly A Conran, Rong Na, Haitao Chen, Deke Jiang, Xiaoling Lin, S Lilly Zheng, Charles B Brendler, Jianfeng Xu

Asian Journal of Andrology (AJA) places great emphasis on Special Issues as a unique and effective means of promoting high-quality research in thematic areas and communicating current knowledge in a particular field to researchers working in the field and interested readers. Qualified and noted researchers, academicians, and clinicians and conference organizers are encouraged to organize and edit special issues in their expertise areas on the topics of interest with the journal. We warmly welcome the proposals for the Special Issues throughout the year. After receiving the proposals, the Editorial Board Members will review it and assess the needs of the journal, and then determine whether to accept/revise/decline the proposals. Please click here for reading Special Issue in AJA.

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